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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool (MBTI) can help you understand your personality type, showing you how to reenergize effectively in order to boost your productivity in your business.

A well-respected colleague, Jane Binnion from the Growing Club, debated the current issue about how we top up our energy.

“There’s so much talk now about are you an extrovert or introvert? and people trying to fix us so we fit in better, but recent discussions, and then my experiences in Laos, have taught me that the most important thing is to understand how we top up our energy.
I have spent a long time thinking I’m anti-social because in my down time I like to be on my own, or just have one or two people to be quiet with. I like people a lot, but to recharge I need quiet time, so I was very surprised when I met a woman who said she needed to be around people and being alone drains her. I really hadn’t known that was a thing.”


This is a great advertisement for the MBTI assessment to help you understand yourself and others better. In our busy lives, it is really important to keep ourselves healthy and emotionally resilient so we can be our best selves at home and work. We often don’t spend enough time looking after ourselves. Maybe this problem is deeper routed: maybe we don’t know ourselves well enough to know how to recharge our batteries. Where we get our energy from is a key question that the MBTI assessment can help us resolve. Charged with this information we can direct our time to ensure our batteries remain charged to face the joys and challenges of our personal life and business. And there is the added advantage of understanding others who are similar to us and being more tolerant of those that need to do things differently…

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