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Dear Jean at JMR

I run a small business but two of my employees don’t get on- it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about what’s included in our monthly newsletter or what charity we should support next year. They are continually antagonistic towards each other, which creates an atmosphere and every decision takes longer to make. Help! What can I do? Julie

Dear Julie, I can only empathize with you. We spend a lot of time at work and no one wants to feel uncomfortable. Your story reminds me of a small business I worked with. Shirley, the manager, was at her wits end what to do with Emma and Sue? Individually they worked hard, but they always disagreed with each other. Working with the company we used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool. Shirley said, ‘It was amazing! During the workshops Jean encouraged us to reflect on aspects of our personalities. Emma and Sue each recognized how they liked to make decisions. They began to really talk and acknowledged their differences. In the office we now laugh at each other’s ‘preferences’ and the way we like to do things. Thanks, Jean, you really managed to help us create a positive working environment. It is now a pleasure to work in the office. We’re planning our first social night out! I would highly recommend using the MBTI tool to resolve conflict at work’.

Julie, what about booking some MBTI sessions to improve relationships in the office and your business outcomes?